Parish of St Stephanos – Hurlstone Park

Parish of St Stephanos – Hurlstone Park


We would like to respectfully acknowledge the Cadigal Wangal people who are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we stand.

Our Centre reflects the diversity and richness of the local and extended communities that our children, families, educators and parish leaders belong to.

There is a collaborative relationship between our Centre and Parish and this provides us with an integral part of our support network.

By being inclusive and recognising the differences and similarities between people, we aim to connect with our communities and achieve a harmonious coexistence.

A child’s development and learning begins with their family. We value these family relationships and aim to bridge the gap between the child’s home and the Centre.

We actively seek opportunities for partnerships with families, to enable children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning.

At St Stephanos Child Care Centre, we are responsive to children’s individual needs and provide a warm, nurturing and caring environment that fosters a strong sense of wellbeing in each child.

There is a genuine respect and appreciation for children’s thoughts, feelings, ideas and interests and these are supported and extended throughout each child’s journey with us. Children have an appreciation for the environment through the teachings of sustainable practices.

Our Philosophy and Web is designed to evolve with our families, educators and the community. By continuously reflecting on practices and encouraging contributions, we can work towards ongoing quality improvement.